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In 2015 GlutenFreeSheff began, providing unbiased information about gluten free eating opportunities in Sheffield City Centre. Highlighting smaller businesses, avoiding the chains and aiming to provide useful information from a Coeliac to fellow gluten free eaters. Please drop us a message in the Contact section, we always welcome feedback!


About the Author

Gemma Clear

Welcome to Gluten Free Sheff! My name’s Gemma Clear and I am a student living in Sheffield… Oh, and I have Coeliac Disease.

For much of my late teens I suffered from stomach pains and terrible bloating but couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I thought I might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and limited my intake of pulses, curries and fizzy drinks all of  which, I thought, were the cause of my problems. And yet the pain and bloating persisted.My symptoms worsened and I went to the Doctor but was told that it was probably something I ate and that it would pass. It did not.

I went back again in February of 2014 where the GP suggested I do a blood test for Coeliac Disease. ‘Coeliac Disease’, I thought, ‘I don’t have Coeliac Disease. I know some family friends who have Coeliac Disease, not me’. Well imagine my surprise when 1 week later my blood test came back positive. As it turns out I had a lot of classical symptoms.

Gluten Free Sheff was born out of my love affair with food. Even though cake, doughnuts and pizza all tried to dump me on the same day, we have since reestablished our relationship without gluten because gluten was the problem in our relationship, not cake.

I have been gluten free since the 15th of April 2014 and feel much better for it!

From the Experts

As Coeliac Disease and other gluten related illnesses are a medical issue, it seemed only right to speak to medical professionals on the matter. We’ve interviewed specialists to discuss topics such as: diet, nutrition and the future of gluten related illnesses.